This wiki describe the VCR file format (replay files) of the rFactor 2 game.

Note: Side to this wiki, i develop a set of tools, rF2 Replay Office , to work with Replay file.

VCR file compression[edit | edit source]

A VCR file can be compressed or not (depending your configuration in the player.JSON file). By convinience, from now, when a talk about the VCR file it will be the uncompressed file (The uncompressed binary Vcr file format).

File Format[edit | edit source]

The replay file format is designed in several part:

Each part is concatenated after the previous one. Please follow each link to see the bytes structure of each part.

IMPORTANT: As the replay format evolve, you will see in a column the version where a new structure appear and when a structure have changed (when nothing is specified, it is because i always see this since my first rF2 replay decoding work.

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